Rusty's Ambassadors

Rusty’s Ambassador program is designed for lovers of Rusty’s Nut Butters who are passionate advocates for healthy lifestyles, good food, sustainability and fitness. Our ambassadors are more than just the face of our brand, they’re the heart and soul of what makes Rusty’s Nuts so very special: a community of like-minded individuals who care about what goes into their bodies, respecting planet earth and, let’s be honest, are just a little nuts.

Meet our ambassadors

Haggai Leffler

Who said vegans don’t eat enough protein? Haggai is a vegan fitness blogger who specializes in showing people that you can be vegan and fit! His rich knowledge of fitness and food enables him to share creative ways to eat vegan while making sure you get just the right amount of calories, protein and fats per meal.

Alexandra Mazor

Alex is a yoga instructor and Adidas Runners Yoga Coach. She is currently studying psychology and teaches yoga most days either in private or group classes. She loves eating Rusty’s Maple almond butter with oatmeal or with plain fruit.

Maya Kramer

Maya is our wellness guru- She’s a meditation and yoga teacher, has her own wellness show and is an amazing mother. If that wasn’t enough, you can find her hosting TV segments on wellness, aromatherapy and even face yoga. She loves eating our Maple Almond Butter by the spoon or on the go!


Inna is a fitness coach and trainer all over Tel Aviv. Her love for traveling and working out prompted her into starting her own business- Active Vacations Club- Fitness retreats all over the world. When she’s not working out or travelling, she’s making her own granola using our Cacao Coconut Almond Butter.


Esi is one of Israel’s fittest man. No, really. He has won Israel’s Fittest Man Competition three times! Besides being super fit, he also helps get people in shape at his gym JustFit Karmia. His workouts are a killer, but you always leave with a smile. Esi eats our Crunchy Peanut Butter by the kilos-  the man loves his peanut butter!

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