BlogTop veggie/vegan eats in Tel Aviv

Our top vegetarian/vegan eats in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is bursting with vibrant, delicious eateries, so it’s no surprise it’s easy to find healthy vegetarian and vegan food at every turn. Here are some of our favourites, perfect for a nutrious breakfast, nourishing lunch or quick snack on-the-go.


Ibn Gvirol 165, Tel Aviv-Yaffo

Located on Ibn Gvirol, this little gem has the most delicious vegan food ever. They make everything from scratch, and if you want, you can also do takeaway or buy a full quiche or a meal to feed the whole family. Check out the incredible vegan cheeses and dips, perfect with a loaf of their sourdough bread.

Dosa Bar

Ben Yehuda 188, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Website

If you love South Indian food, this place is for you. The dosas are very special, all come in different flavors, and their vegan lassies and desserts are to die for!

Meshek Barzilay

Ahad Ha’Am 6, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Website

Tucked in the heart of Neve Tzedek, Meshek Barzilay is probably one of the oldest vegan staples in all of Israel. What was once located on a plot of land in a cute Moshav outside is Israel, is now located at the most pastoral place in Tel Aviv.

24 Rupee

Schocken Street 16, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, Website

India in Tel Aviv. 15 years and strong, this little place feels like home. Leave your shoes at the door and enjoy a warm chai and a delicious Thali.


8 Rabi Yokhanan, Jaffa, Website

This is THE PLACE in Shuk Hapishpeshim in Yaffo, Go for the veggie pumpkin dumplings or the musaka (or both, because they are both to die for).

Citizen Garden

Montifiore 15, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Website

Beautiful, trendy, and delicious. If you’re looking for a charcoal latte, this is your spot.
FIY- they aren’t open Fridays and Saturday, so be sure to stop by in the middle of the week, oh, and before 6 pm!

Cafe Xoho

17 J.L. Gordon street, Tel Aviv, Website

Anglos Unite! Xoli, owner of Xoho has managed to create the most amazing community for all-things anglo in the heart of Tel Aviv on Gordon Street. Always ahead of the game, always pioneering the scene, Cafe Xoho was the first cafe in Tel Aviv to ban plastic straws, and we are oh-so-into-that.

Cafe Kaimak

49 Levinski Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo Facebook

Prior to Cafe Kaimak, the location was apparently cursed- but then the owner of Kaimak came in and said that a little voice came to him and said, “If you want to succeed here, you must keep the place vegetarian, buy all your produce locally from the Shuk Levinsky, and serve great coffee.” Its been over 9 years and going strong so we guess that little voice was right! Besides having an incredible menu daily, on Saturday nights the places hosts great live music.

Hummus Shlomo & Doron

So every Israeli has their favorite Hummus place but this place is HANDS DOWN the BEST Hummus in all of Tel Aviv (and maybe in all of Israel..)

Uzi Eli

11 HaCarmel St, at the very top of the market, Website

Your medicine man in the heart of Shuk HaCarmel. Body aching or feeling stuffy? Uzi will help you out! Get a fresh juice,try some Etrog concoction, or have them make you a special shake to get your blood flowing and your heart singing. In addition to delicious juices, this is the spot to get your herbal cosmetics creams and supplements, like the Etrog mist, which is our go-to to help get rid of dark spots on skin worn out by the sun.