BlogHealthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

  1. Shop sales! Look at flyers, have discount membership cards where offered, buy in bulk when it makes sense


  2. Buy produce seasonally + stick to the dirty dozen and clean fifteen to know which items should be purchased organic and which ones don’t need to be


  3. Freeze fresh produce when its starting to go bad for use in smoothies, overnight oats, baked goods etc.

  4. Meal plan strategically in efforts to reuse the same ingredients in different dishes throughout the week

    • Ex. Tacos ? salad ? grain bowl

  5. Follow a grocery list- MUST MUST! Not only will you be more focused when you go into the store, you’ll spend less time, and definitely will do a lot less of “emotional” shopping

  6. Don’t go into the store when hungry- I have definitely done this and ended up paying A LOT more at the registry at the end, because I was so hungry I was thinking of everything I wanted it at that exact moment. 

  7. Buy mostly fresh produce- packaged foods are less healthy + more expensive

  8. If you’re a meat eater, stick to it a couple times a week and use as an add on, not the main part of a dish

  9. Bring reusable bags everywhere

  10. Buy nuts, seeds, grains, and more in bulk with reusable bags or jars- it ends up being a lot cheaper when you are buying in bulk than if you’re buying those 200 gram bags of nuts. 

  11. Take stock of your inventory before shopping! Don’t double buy