frequently asked questions

Q: Do you use any added oil to your products?

A: No! Our products are all natural and we do not add any oil to the products. During the process, the oil from the nut is excreted, and once it sits on the shelf for a while, it separates from the product, so be sure to mix well before use.

Q: Is there sugar in your products?

A: We do not add any refined sugars to our products. The list of products that have sweeteners in them are sweetened either with Maple from Canada, or Coconut Sugar. In addition, we have products that aren’t sweetened at all-they only have added Himalayan salt.

Q: Are your products Kosher?

A: Yup! All our products are Kosher Mehadrin

Q: Is eating nut butter good before exercise?

A: Yes! Our products are a great energy source pre and post workout! We recommend eating a spoonful at least a half hour before a workout, or try putting on a madjool date, that’s our personal favorite. 

Q: Are your products gluten-free?

A: Although we do not have the gluten-free certification, our products are gluten-free and our machines are being used only for making nut butter. The factory is gluten-free, yet there could be some traces of gluten. 

Q: My kid has a peanut allergy; can he eat your almond butter?

A: We wouldn’t recommend it! Although all our nut products are made separately, there could be a little overlap between the different kind of nuts. 

Q: Are your products vegan?

A: They sure are! All our products are vegan and delicious! 

Q: Are your products dairy-free?

A: Yes, our products are dairy-free, Kosher Parve.

Q: Can I buy your products online?

A: Of course! Here is a link

Q: Where do you produce your products?

A: All our products are produced in Ma’ale Hever where there is an amazing chocolate factory that’s world class. 

Q: Where can I find your products?

A: You can purchase them right here on our site! Or check out this list of stores (add link)

Q: Do you sell outside of Israel?

A:We currently do not sell overseas. We’re working on venturing out though, so stay tuned for updates!

Q: What can I do with your products?

A: You can add to your baking, mix in while cooking, make dressing and other sauces, add to smoothies, spread on bread or fruit, or just eat straight out of the jar. For some great recipes, click here.

Q: Isn’t nut butter really fattening?

A: Nuts do have a lot of fat, but it’s healthy unsaturated fat. Just like avocados, the fat found in nuts is healthy and important to our bodies!

Q: Do you sell in bulk?

A: We do have an option of bulk sell. Please fill out this form for price-list.